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Comprar Sound Blaster X7 Limited Edition Entertainment Bundle

Sound Blaster X7 Limited Edition Entertainment Bundle

Combo Altavoz pasivo & amplificador para reproducción de audio Hi-Fi


Sound Blaster X7 Limited Edition

El Sound Blaster X7 Limited Edition blanco perla con adaptador de alta potencia e impedancia de salida amplificada exclusiva de 1 ohmio para auriculares.

La exclusiva edición en blanco perla se ha diseñado para que puedas centrarte en lo importante: tu música, tus vídeos y tus juegos. Deleita tus sentidos con los 100 W de potencia de audio, que se complementan con el adaptador de alta potencia que tienes al alcance de la mano.

La Sound Blaster X7 Limited Edition con salida de auriculares de 1 Ohmio de impedancia se ajusta a ambos extremos del mercado de los auriculares - desde los más exigentes auriculares de estudio de alta impedancia hasta los auriculares In-Ear más sensibles de baja impedancia - con una mínima distorsión para el audio causada por la variación en la respuesta de frecuencia.

El Sound Blaster X7 Limited Edition ya está listo para impresionarte con un rendimiento increíble para su tamaño.

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E-MU XM7 Bookshelf Speakers

La Ciencia Detrás De Un Gran Sonido

No es un gran secreto. El desempeño del audio del E-MU XM7 es éste. El woofer con un diafragma de diseño de 5 pulgadas funciona con el armazón y la estructura magnética extragrande para una respuesta de bajos ajustada. Busca claridad y precisión en el especialmente genial altavoz con cúpula de seda de alta eficiencia de una pulgada.

Presentando dos tipos de acabado, puedes elegir entre marrón veteado con acabado gris metálico, y negro veteado. Elige el que va con tu estilo.

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Opiniones (En Inglés)


All of this adds up to an amplifier that is custom suited for gamers and streamers but fully capable of driving entire audio setups for demanding audiophiles. Creative pulled out all the stops on this one. For $399, it doesn’t come cheap, but neither do other brand name amplifiers at this level and none of them provide this level of additional functionality.

Sound Blaster X7 Limited Edition Entertainment Bundle


High-Def Digest

"On the gaming side, I had the XM7s employed when I was poking around the 'Rare Replay, and that meant my return to the N64 classic 'Perfect Dark,' came through beautifully. It's crazy to have the sounds, the music, the effects, and the voice acting, that I knew by heart from some fifteen years ago, being played in a way that is stronger than I had ever heard before."

4.5 out of 5

Sound Blaster X7 Limited Edition Entertainment Bundle



The E-MU XM7 immediately stood out of the crowd because of its amazing level of details, clarity, and accuracy.Meanwhile, the mids are present and I can hear the vocals more clearly than ever while the treble is totally clean and doesn’t cause any spike. The soundstage is fairly good, especially when I sit in front of the 2 speakers.There is no distortion and hissing sound. The speakers are also quite powerful as they can deliver up to 60W per channel.

Sound Blaster X7 Limited Edition Entertainment Bundle


Reviews de clientes

B. P. Gual

Es el complemento perfecto para el SOUND BLASTER 7. Magníficos altavoces contundentes y brillantes.

Opiniones (En Inglés)


This is the most versatile and great sounding amp that I have used, including all my other high power amps. Its great whether its in your living room, bedroom or study. You can put it almost anywhere. One point though, its a little bit too light so when you press the on/off button it moves. Perhaps later versions could put some weight on it and it makes it more of a high end piece of equipment


Everything this thing says it can do it can do. I'm using an Astro mixamp so sound mixing together can happen in strange ways in the speaker settings, but I've figured it all out to where I'm quite happy with it after a bit of elbow grease. I know what I need for more bass, what I need for gaming, etc. The last study I have to do is different type of surround sound settings. A 320kbps mp3 sounds the same trough dolby digital or through the x7. When you're listening to FLAC files or uncompressed WAV files, purely through the X7 there is a noticeable difference in audio quality. I guess it's like VR, when you hear it, you'll know what you weren't hearing before. I don't consider myself an audiophile, but I tested the heck out of this unit, and for higher bitrate music, sound etc, it does make a difference.


This is all purpose standalone bluetooth reciever. I use this for my 2.1 speakers (external power). Use it on my PC & android phones. It has NFC connect as well. No issue with any playback so far. Very dislike sounds out "your device is connected". Extremly loud & obnoxious. It also has a flimsy hanger wire detachable handphone stand. You can use apps to control the EQ, also has tons of settings that I haven't mess with. Very impress & found what I REALLY want!!!

Características del producto

Contenido del paquete

  • Sound Blaster X7 Limited Edition
    • Dispositivo Sound Blaster X7 Limited Edition
    • Guía de inicio rápido
    • Folletos de garantía internacional
    • Adaptador de corriente alterna a continua de 24 V/6A y cable
    • Cable estéreo RCA a 3,5 mm para salida frontal
    • Cable estéreo RCA a 3,5 mm (hembra) para la entrada de línea
    • Cable microUSB de 1,5 m
    • Soporte para cascos

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